"In October 1986 Web has born!

At that time, a pair of roadies of the most known portuguese metal band Tarantula, felt the nedd to create something where they could invest all their passion for the Almighty Heavy Metal!!!
So, David Duarte and Victor Matos began gathering the right people to ease the search for a unique sound.
However, the lack of people interested in taking part in an heavy metal project made the process harder than expected and the line-up’s were constantly changing.
This scenario continued to inflate by several drawbacks like compulsory military service and the severe illness of singer David Duarte which made him leave the band, the music and later our presence.
The remaining man Victor Matos, united with Fernando Martins since 1994, continued to input new ideas to fulfil their goals.
Since October 1997, with Pedro Soares joining the band on drums and the entry of guitarist Filipe Ferreira later in 2005, made this the longer line up since many years.

The stage was always friendly to the band and since the first show in the legendary Rock Rendez Vous, Web dedicated most of their carrer to live shows.
Stages like Rock Rendez Vous (Lisboa), Festa do Avante (Seixal), Noites Ritual Rock'94 (Porto), Palha d´Aço (Porto), Escola Secundária Soares dos Reis (Porto), Sociedade Columbófila de Mafamude (Gaia), Blá Blá (Matosinhos), Sala Anoeta (Vigo), Metalpoint (Porto), Hard Club (Gaia e Porto), Moita Metal Fest, In Live Café (Moita), SWR Barroselas, Caos Emergente (Recarei), XIV HardmetalFest (Mangualde), Gaia em Peso IV e VI, Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Porto), Side B (Benavente), Amarante, Art7 (São João da Madeira), Berço Fest e Vimaranes Metalvm (Guimarães), Underfest (Alijó e Vila Real), Dinaamo Panóias (Braga), Invicta X-MASsacre (Porto), Covilhã, Discoteca Autarquia (Castelo de Paiva), Zum Zum (Porto), Bragança, Time Out (Ovar), In Union We Stand (Porto e Ovar), Leiria, Indycat (Gondomar), Thrashmania V (Corroios), Nyktos (Figueira da Foz), Velha Guarda II (Porto), Metal GDL (Grandola), República da Música (Lisboa), Pindelo dos Milagres (São Pedro do Sul), among many others, received band’s sweat, always in a work sharing atitude towards the scene!

Moments were shared with bands like Ancient Rites, Impaled Nazarene, Benediction, Cradle of Filth, Napalm Death, Desaster, Omission, Sinister, Paradox, Cadena Perpetua, Angelus Apatrida, Leng Tch'e, Decadence, Agonica, Ephemeral, Entombed, Venom, Malevolent Creation, Contradiction, Moonspell, Genocide, Ramp, Tarantula, Switchtense, Pitch Black, Desire, Heavenwood, The End Gate, Equaleft, Gates of Hell, Holocausto Canibal, Decayed, Mata Ratos, The Ransack, Decrepidemic, Echidna, Revolution Within, Cycles, Coldfear, Grog, Concealment, Angriff, Dethmor, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Crushing Sun, For The Glory, among others.

Several works like songs in compilations and tributes, demo and promo tape's, albuns World Wild Web (2005) and Deviance (2011), a video clip and a 25th anniversary video documentary.

Actually, Web continue their Deviant Tour started in 2011 promoting latest work Deviance!

Working on new songs, always searching for new fans and spreading Web's work worldwide.




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